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Ruthie's Garden's Roots

In 2004, artist Ruthie Maddock started creating her unique flower-art pins for family and friends, using her Grandmother's vintage jewelry as a centerpiece.

Through experimentation and a little bit of naiveté, Ruthie found a way to perfect her one-of-a-kind pins, and started adding handmade pillows to her creations.

As more and more people complimented her on her pieces – asking her where they could buy them – Ruthie realized she had something special, and the seeds of "Ruthie's Garden" were planted.

Today, Ruthie's original handmade pins, pillows and shoe clips are available at select boutiques and here at www.ruthiesgarden.com. Email us at ruth@ruthiesgarden.com to add a splash of originality and color to your wardrobe or home with Ruthie's unique flower creations.

About Ruthie's Pins

Each flower pin from Ruthie's Garden is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art. I combine one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry and beautiful silk flowers together, to give every flower a personality of its own. No two are alike.

Ruthie's pins can be clipped or pinned to jean jackets, suede or leather jackets, purses, dresses… even napkin holders for tea parties or bridal showers. They will become an eye catching conversation piece.

Ruthie's Philosophy

"I love the idea of vintage jewelry having a past. I also like the idea of creating something that will be showcased and used, rather than sitting in a jewelry box.

"The hunt to find antique pieces for my pins and pillows is really fun. I get really excited when I find a beautiful piece of jewelry and know it will look wonderful with a particular flower."

- Ruthie Maddock


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