How They Are Made

To create a Ruthie's Garden flower pin there is the hunt. The hunt to find high quality antique jewelry. Then the hunt to find the most beautiful silk flowers around. Once this is done I choose one flower and completely take it apart and reassemble pedal by pedal to create a great shape. Then the back is completed with both pin and clip for great function. All flowers are then sprayed for protection. Once the silk flower is dry I try to find the most beautiful antique jewel that will compliment the flower.

"I love the idea of vintage jewelry having a past. I also like the idea of creating something that will be showcased and used, rather than sitting in a jewelry box."

Each Ruthie's Garden flower pin is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art with a unique and charming personality.

How They Work

Flower Pins & Flower Clips
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Shoe Clips
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Flower Pins & Clips

You can either pin the flower on or you can clip it. The pin is traditional and to use the clip you just squeeze the the end and slip it on.

Shoe Clips

To use the shoe clips just open and clip onto shoe.



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