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"As soon as I received my pin from Ruthieís Garden, my mind ran in 10 different directions regarding what I could pair it with. I have successful accessorized outfits with the pin attached to a hair tie in a pony tail, which added a bit of pizzazz from behind. My winter coat was brighten up with the jeweled pin on the front as well. But, my favorite adornment was the front of my cowboy hat. How unexpectedly fun!!!! Where will you wear your pin from Ruthieís Garden?"

- Lisa Wessman

"I love the pin I have from Ruthieís Garden. I donít wear a lot of jewelry and it is a perfect accessory for me because it is something that dresses up my outfits which are usually pretty plain. Iíll forget Iím wearing it and then someone will always ask me where it is from because they would love to have one too. Because of that Iíve actually given quite a few as gifts."

- Peggie Sloyan

"I get so many compliments on my Ruthieís Garden Flowers. Either on my purse, jean jacket or when I dress up, the Flowers add that little something to all my outfts. My 11 year old wears the clips and Flowers - and for gifts and party favors, theyíre a hit. Itís diffcult to find anything handmade anymore, these are like snowflakes, no two are the same, and the jewels are always a blast from the past."

- Karen Mosher

"I have a large orange and yellow daisy pin with the perfect amount of sparkle right in the middle. I am all about comfort and have several pairs of jeans that I love to wear. When I wear my pin, I feel it gives my outfit that extra finished look that allows me to be comfortable and classy at the same time. It's also great to have a one of a kind piece of jewelery that not everyone is wearing. It really is unique. "

- Martha M. Harnik

"I love Ruthie's flowers. I have five of them and every year add another one to my "bouquet". Since I do not wear much jewelry, Ruthie's flower pins add just right accent to whatever I am wearing and I always get compliments on them. When my daughter got married in June, all of the bridesmaids wore Ruthie's flowers in their hair. Ruthie dated them all with the wedding date, it was a great gift and something they will all wear again. My daughter also wore an ivory one in her hair and Ruthie used a pearl and crystal center to match the pearls that all the girls wore. She will custom make any flower for you, they are all unique and beautiful.
I would love to have one in every color!"

- Beth Geiger

"The beautiful and unique flower pins from Ruthieís Garden are such a hit! I always get compliments when I wear mine. I love how I can wear it as a pin on my favorite sweater or jacket or clip it on a purse for a fast way to dress up an outfit. Iíve even added one to my daughterĎs headband and it looked fabulous! There are so many ways these lovely pins can be used. Everyone just loves them. "

- Robin Liefeld

"Ruthie's Garden has the most beautiful flower, jewelry and color selections that I've seen. Every time I wear one, at least three people compliment me on the piece. I really appreciate the individuality of each and every piece that Ruthie creates. I don't have to worry about seeing the same accent piece walking down the street or showing up at an event. I know that what I have is one-of-a-kind."

- Stephanie Savage

"I get more compliments on my Ruthie's Garden flower pin than on any other piece of jewelry I own. People have literally stopped me on the street to ask where I found such a beautiful pin. The flower always seems to add just that little something extra to an outfit. I just love them!"

- Anne Connelly

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